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SailKote Sports, Household and Recreational Applications

McLube Creative Application of the Month
"We had our hull and spinnakers professionally sprayed with McLube and really felt this gave us an edge on the racetrack with our speed and boat handling on our way to winning the 2005 Melges 24 Worlds."
-James Spithill, Helmsman Luna Rossa, 2005 Melges 24 World Champion

If It Moves, It Needs Sailkote!

Every day we hear about new applications for Sailkote. When we developed Sailkote for the sailing industry, we had no idea that it would find its way into so many other sports and recreational applications. From soap box derby cars and the underside of lawn mower decks to snow shoes and golf club heads.

McLube's Sailkote can be used anywhere there is friction. Once dry, it leaves a tough durable coating on the surface that has a very low coefficient of friction. Particularly suited for marine environments because of the hydrophobic properties of the coating, Sailkote works equally well in non-marine settings. From the workshop to the ski slopes, Sailkote can help you.

That's why we say, if it moves, it needs Sailkote.

Got a new application for Sailkote, send it in and we'll add it to the list.

You can use McLube's Sailkote almost anywhere you would normally use oily lubricants or greases

  • Air hockey and other tabletop games

  • Bass fishing boat hulls (increases speed and fuel efficiency)

  • Fishing reel components (smoother, and increased casting distance)

  • Fly fishing line (works best on non-plastic coated lines)

  • Golf club heads for rough lies

  • Golf bag and sports bag zippers

  • Gun cleaning (keeps sand, dirt, and grime from building up)

  • Karting and other car racing applications ( )

  • Mountain bike and road bike chain and derailleur

  • Mountain bike and road bike brake cables

  • Razor Scooters ball bearings, folding parts, hinges

  • Rowing and racing shell hulls

  • Rowing sliding seats and tracks

  • Rowing (exercise) machines

  • Rollerblade and skate ball bearings

  • Skateboard ball bearings and skid plates

  • Ski and snowboard waxed surfaces (faster on wet snow)

  • Ski and snowboard topsides (minimizes ice buildup)

  • Sleds, toboggans, and other snow play items

  • Slip and slide play slides (and similar items, like baseball slide training)

  • Snow shoes (minimize ice and snow build up)

  • Tent pole set up and breakdown

  • Garage, Household, Workshop Applications

  • Drill bits

  • Electric garage door opener chains

  • Files for metal or woodwork

  • Knife blades and other cutting tools

  • Lawn mowers (minimizes sticky, wet grass build up)

  • Lawn fertilizer/seed dispensers (no more sticking)

  • Lawn chairs and beach chair moving parts

  • Sand paper (minimize build up... requires less sand paper)

  • Saw blades

  • Scissors and other cutting tools

  • Screen door tracks (keep them clean and grime-free)

  • Storm window frames and tracks

  • Sliding door and window frames and tracks

  • Snow blowers

  • Woodworking tools (all of them!)

  • Work table tops and other sliding surfaces
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