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Hullkote Speed Polish: Technical Specifications

Provided by Eric Snyder (President of Snyder Manufacturing Corp, and Head Chemist for 37 years. Eric Snyder is a consulting partner to McGee Industries, Inc. on the Hullkote project)

Hullkote combines the same very fast world renowned McLube proprietary formulation of a bonded PTFE suspension system with an entirely revolutionary citrus-based long lasting high gloss polish. Our unique Hullkote Speed Polish citrus-base allows for a cleaner, faster, and easier application to any hull surface. By simply wiping on and then immediately polishing away the excess, the surface is effectively cleaned and degreased. It is also nicely sealed, an important process thus eliminating any possible pinholes left behind.

Simultaneously, the durable chemical bond within the McLube suspension system immediately takes place during the application process. Additionally, Hullkote has both a fluoropolymer and a silane polymer to give added protection, repellency, lubricity and durability to the already tenacious surface coating. The silane/siloxane polymers we put into the citrus-based formulation additionally adhere to the hull surface as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs at the surface of the substrate being polished. Rather than just “smearing” some surface treatment on the hull, a true chemical reaction is bonding the McLube suspension system to the hull surface. This secondary layer of added chemical bonding provides extraordinary adhesion qualities to Hullkote, and further protect against the harsh elements that ultimately face any hull surface including UV, water, abrasion, etc.

The cleaning ability of a polish typically depends on a combination of the presence of abrasives, solvents, detergents and water. Abrasives will clean by physically removing residue from the surface and leaving it smooth. Solvents clean chemically by dissolving films on the surface, especially oil films. Detergents contribute general cleaning performance to the polish. The ultra-fine cleaning abrasives used in Hullkote are aluminum based. Aluminum is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and the third most abundant element on the planet. Therefore, it is safe as well as highly effective without being harmful to the surface. The particle size is extremely small and the particle is relatively soft so it can naturally clean away dirt residues without scratching the surface of hulls and other carefully prepared surfaces.

In most traditional polish products one would typically find on the shelves of marine stores, hydrocarbon petroleum distillates are used as the solvents in polishing formulations. There are many health and environmental issues surrounding petroleum distillates so we’ve steered clear of those. Instead we have chosen to use a citrus-base which is considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA. Not only is this much safer than the petroleum-based distillates, it is also a much better cleaner and degreaser. The cleaning ability of most solvents is described by the solvent’s Kauri Butanol Value. The KB value of our citrus-base is nearly twice that of traditionally used petroleum distillates. So Hullkote is not only is a safer cleaner, it is a more effective cleaner with a much more pleasant fragrance than the “petro” odor we have all experienced with most other polishes. The detergent part of our formula is a standard biodegradable detergent that is water soluble. Detergents clean by making the water “wetter” by lowering the surface tension. Once the water’s surface tension is lowered, it is able to penetrate into residues and lift them from the surface. Water, the most universal “solvent” on the planet, then becomes a very effective cleaning aid.

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