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HullKote Speed Polish: Field Testing Notes & Testimonials

This product has been tested heavily in a variety of competitive classes since early 2007. Here are a few examples:
  • In the Etchells Class, Jud Smith and Andy Beadsworth/Simon “Stir-Fry” Fry, and Bill Hardesty (Jud, Andy and Bill are the most recent 3 world champions in the Etchells class), have all been using Hullkote since 2007 and they love it. They all agree that the finish is very fast and that the boats stay so much cleaner in the water after 2-10 days of mooring overnight during big regattas. Following the 8 day long stay in the water for the 2008 Etchells Worlds, winner Bill Hardesty commented that he is convinced that the ultra-clean hull after 8 days in the water means the boat is as fast on day 8 as it was on day 1 of the Etchells Worlds. This translates to a distinct advantage over other hull coatings and bare wet-sanded finishes.
  • Ken Read’s PUMA VOR Team likes that it applies so quickly and easily and looks so good, especially considering that they have beautiful underbody graphics to show off. Ken’s shore crew commented that they were very impressed with the excellent condition of the underwater hull surfaces following 10 days in the water for the recent Newport-Bermuda race. In addition they performed their own in-house testing of a "worst case scenario" for an underwater hull surface coating. They hung a painted carbon panel tied to a shallow water dock in warm salt water. After 21 days, there was only minimal marine growth adhered to the Hullkoted surface, and amazingly it all wiped clean with one swipe with a soft cloth! Not only is this a very fast coating, but one that is very easy to clean up after a prolonged "worst case scenario" test. You won’t see any bottom paint on this VOR Racer! They’re convinced that Hullkote is the fastest finish they’ve ever tested.
  • In the Melges 32 class, Pinta with John Kostecki onboard and Jeff Ecklund’s Star recently used Hullkote at Key West Race Week and were 1st and 3rd respectively, and also had many nice things to say about the performance of Hullkote. Jeff Ecklund’s Melges 32 STAR went on to win the 2008 US National Championship later that summer and he said, "We thought using Hullkote on the bottom of STAR definitely gave us an edge in speed. We applied Hullkote before Key West Race Week and before our National Championships in Newport and had GREAT results!"  Tactician Harry Melges adds, "The new Hullkote Speed Polish gave the Star team the extra edge it needed to slip past the competition and win the 2008 Melges 32 National Championship."
  • The TP 52s Quantum and Windquest have also been using Hullkote extensively, and are most pleased with the combination of the high gloss shine and fast racing finish. Boat Manager Curt Oetking appreciates the fact that he finally has a high performance speed polish that is safe to use and eco-friendly. His shore team appreciated how very easy and quickly Hullkote applies to the hull heavy buffing or polishing needed! As a follow up to this, the Quantum Racing TP 52 is currently dominating the MedCup Circuit, and they definitely like the fast racing finish that Hullkote Speed Polish delivers.
  • A number of Farr 40s have been using Hullkote, and onboard Plenty, Chris Larson is impressed by how slippery the boat feels in the water and how great the entire hull looks at the completion of each event.
  • Harry Melges tested Hullkote in the cutting edge 5.5 Meter class recently and won both the coveted 2008 Gold Cup and the 5.5 Meter Class World Championship back to back! Harry really liked the fast, easy and efficient application...It was so quick and simple to just wipe on and wipe off. Harry commented that he could easily see and feel the difference on the hull surface...a great performance upgrade!
  • Mark Mendelblatt says Hullkote is the very best coating to help shed weeds and kelp from his Star boat keel and rudder. 
  • Team Tybee's Trey Brown says his racing cat looks great, feels fast, smells nice and that the long lasting coating easily lasts for more than what most endurance contests require.

If you would like more information, please contact and he will be glad to answer any questions for you and provide more information about this new Team McLube Hullkote Speed Polish product.

Thank you.

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