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HullKote Speed Polish: Application Guide

  • Shake bottle well
  • Saturate a small cloth with Hullkote and apply to a clean surface adding additional Hullkote to the cloth as needed. Hullkote is a distinct green color making the polish easy to see against any color surface
  • You may immediately wipe away any excess Hullkote using a clean, dry cloth. No waiting, and no crusty haze to remove. There is no need to wait for the product to dry… just wipe it on, and then polish away the excess. No heavy buffing is required
  • Apply 2 coats initially for best results
  • Apply to a relatively clean, dirt and grit free surface to avoid scratching

NOTE: If applied on a hot day, we suggest starting with a damp cloth (add clean water to cloth, wring out) and then adding Hullkote to the cloth for easier application in hot weather or for warm sufaces.

When the boat comes out of the water, we recommend cleaning hull with Hullkote as per above directions and then you’re ready for the next regatta!

You are now left with a clean, fast, long-lasting, glossy finish. Hullkote Speed Polish applies and adheres nicely right over the top of other polishes, so no need to strip prior to applying Hullkote Speed Polish for the first time.  Any questions? Please contact

Thank you.

Pittman Innovation Award to Antifoul Speed Polish



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