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SailKote Plus: Racing and Cruising Applications

  • Protect your investment - sails can be expensive, Sailkote Plus prolongs the life of your sails by reducing friction and chafing.
  • Keep your sails cleaner, drier, and mildew-free - Dirt, grime, even water won't stick.
  • Sails will furl or roll up roughly *35% tighter - This means reduced windage.
  • Improve performance - If your mainsail is designed to furl inside the mast or boom, Sailkote will allow you to have a larger mainsail, or you can choose a heavier, longer lasting cloth and still fit within the same space.
  • Furling becomes much easier on any point of sail, especially with in-mast or in boom furling. No more sticking or chafing your sails while furling and unfurling.
  • Keep your spinnakers and other sails drier - Reduce water absorption by more than *50%, reduce weight aloft, reduce drying times by more than 50%, and handle your sails friction free during sets, gybes, and takedowns.
  • Luff tapes run more smoothly making sails easier to hoist.
  • Telltales will fly freely, even when wet or in light air.

Pittman Innovation Award to Antifoul Speed Polish


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