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SailKote Plus Application Guide

  • Both Team McLube Sailkote and the Sailkote Plus products are designed to be applied to clean, dry surfaces of sails. When properly applied, McLube dries to an opaque, almost clear coating within 30 seconds, and will typically stay in place much like a painted coating.
  • Sailkote PLUS is intended for professional spray application only. If you intend to apply Sailkote to your sails yourself, PLEASE carefully read the Sail Application instructions on our website at WWW.MCLUBE.COM and use only as directed. Remember, a little Sailkote goes a very long way, and only a micro-thin coating is all that is required for best performance.
  • Coverage varies a bit depending on the quality of spray equipment used during application and the type of cloth to be coated. When using paint sprayers (HVLP-high volume low pressure) to apply McLube, generally one gallon of McLube will easily cover 1,000 square feet of sail area (one side of the sail) on a new spinnaker. Under excellent spray application conditions, coverage can be increased to more than 3,000 square feet of sail area per one gallon of McLube.
  • Currently, there are a number of professional sail and service lofts that are coating cruising and racing sails, and McLube products work very well on all brands of sails, and all cloth types (be careful not to spray McLube on clear windows or it may give them a slightly opaque appearance). All around the globe, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Doyle Sails, Ullman Sails, Forespar/Leisure Furl, and many more now recommend the McLube coatings on their cruising and racing sails.

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