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SailKote Cruising Application Guide

SailKote Cruising Applications graphic with callouts
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Batten Pockets
Apply Sailkote to full length battens to make them slide in and out easier and minimize friction during tacks and jibes while helping the sail fill quicker and easier.
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Mainsail Track
Sailkote makes raising and lowering the main much easier in all conditions. Sailkote will not attract dirt and contaminants that foul the track. Sailkote makes reefing under load almost effortless.
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Standing Rigging
Sailkote all standing rigging to minimize sail chafe and friction making tacks and jibes much easier and more efficient.
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Sailkote keeps blocks corrosion free and lubricated for exceptionally easy and reliable operation.
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Spray Sailkote on hatches and companion way tracks for ease of movement and corrosion control.
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Travelers & Cars
Sailkote keeps tracks and cars moving smoothly and corrosion free. Sailkote will not attract dirt & grime or gum up ball bearings.
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Mechanical Instruments
Spray Sailkote on wind speed, direction and knot indicators to make them more accurate and keep them working.
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Head Sails
Apply Sailkote to genoas and spinnakers to keep them dry and friction free. Sailkote minimizes friction from rubbing during tacks and jibes and maximizes sail life, thus helping to maintain sail shape.
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Mast / Spreaders
Sailkote the mast and spreaders to reduce headsail to mast friction during tacks and jibes.
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With Sailkote, telltales won't stick to sails even when wet.
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Jib Furling Gear
Sailkote will lubricate and protect jib furling gear making it last longer and work much easier without gumming up.
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Displacement & Planning Hulls
Coat your hull with Sailkote and see how much cleaner the hull will stay at the waterline. The slick, hard, non-porous coating makes it difficult for marine growth and waterborne contaminants to adhere to the hull and slow you down.
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Keels / Centerboards & Rudders
In addition to minimizing underwater marine growth and adhesion, Sailkote will help shed kelp and seaweed more easily, and help to maintain laminar flow. Makes raising and lowering daggerboards and centerboards nearly effortless.
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Tiller Head / Pintles & Steering Hardware
Sailkote eases movement and increases tiller sensitivity. Keeps rudder hardware corrosion free.

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