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Hullkote and PUMA Mar Mostro in VOR

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Mark Newton

"I called McLube after purchasing a bottle of Hullkote. I honestly didn't expect much in terms of customer service. I was concerned that if I applied it to my new carbon Coreban SUP board that it might strip off the paint or degrade the carbon. They were super nice and gave me Ron’s contact info and I was fortunate that he answered my call. He is super knowledgeable about the product, about the needs of racers and gave me awesome advice for how to properly apply it. So I use it and go out and win my second race and took 10 seconds off my previous time. Previous time on a 14' board and I was riding on a 12 6" with Hullkote. Trust that I'll be a loyal user of the product and that I'm not going to tell anyone that I know about it as it will now be my secret weapon!"

Pittman Innovation Award to Antifoul Speed Polish



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