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Smooth as New Traveler Car Bearings!

Spirit 37

"By the way used your one drop product and it is fantastic...the traveler car bearings ran as smoothly as if the were new!!"

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Makes It Work Like New!

Aedgard K. - Hawaii

"After cleaning the 17 year old Hood furling gear with alcohol, I applied some drops of the stuff [OneDrop]. In order to get it into the bottom bearings, I used a syringe with a fine needle, as you can see in the picture. It immediately started to spin like it was new.

I then applied quite a bit of strain on it with a halyard, and though it had been seizing up previously, it was now turning fine. It has now been up for several weeks, in some pretty big rainstorms here in Hawaii too, and it still seems to run great."

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Saves Time!

John W, Latis Yachting

"After a hard week of salt water racing all the traveler cars that we treated with OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner sounded like new - no crunching, squeaking or screeching - they were completely smooth and silent running.

Best of all, they cleaned up with no effort. The treated surfaces were able to be desalted in one quick fresh water rinse and our pack up is now a lot quicker."

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Top US 49er Sailors Depend on McLube

Erik Storck/Trevor Moore, Olympic 49er class-US Sailing Team Alphagraphics

"We use McLube Hullkote on the hull and foils, Sailkote everywhere sails touch the rig and boat, and One Drop in the jib track and other controls.

We could not sail to our potential without each of these products.

The main would not go up the mast, the spinnaker would not come into the sock, and the centerboard and rudder would not go through their trunks.

It gives us confidence and peace of mind."

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Improves Performance and Longevity

Andrew Campbell/Brad Nichol, Members of the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and 2008 Olympic Representative

"OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner works like magic on the vang track and jib tracks on our Olympic Class Star Boat!

The curved, high-load vang car and track on our Star Boat takes some heavy abuse during the course of a regatta.

A regular maintenance application of OneDrop makes a tremendous difference in the performance as well as longevity of the systems."

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Like New Again!

Fred, Shields Sailor

"Today I found out how great the new One Drop is.

I had three turning blocks that were sticking. Two days ago I tried cleaning them with just water and no luck. Then I applied One Drop and went back to the boat today with the intention of replacing them.

WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE - they worked like new was entirely due to this great new product."

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Chris Larson: OneDrop reduces friction!

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"McLube OneDrop ball bearing conditioner worked miracles with our highly loaded traveler car and roller furling swivels.

OneDrop stays attached to the ball bearings and dramatically reduces the friction."

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Extends Hardware Life!

Team Delft Challenge
Farr 30

At Team Delft Challenge we use McLube OneDrop on all ball-bearing parts of our Farr30, and we're very impressed by the results. Because of the abuse and lack of fresh-water hosedowns we can give them during the Tour de France a la Voile, our blocks and rails start sounding rough very quickly.

Two drops of onedrop per side (one for the little ones) makes all the metallic noises disappear and returns the humming sound you only hear when the block is brand-new. We were all very surprised by how much a good block can run better.. In addition, we hardly find any ball-bearings breaking and escaping anymore, extending our hardware-life for months!

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