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Hullkote and PUMA Mar Mostro in VOR
#    What sailors have to say about Hullkote
1 Thank you for all you help and application advice.
This is a very rare occurrence where my expectations were significantly exceeded beyond the product claims. It actually does do what it says on the bottle, plus more!

It's the best cleaner and the best polish I've ever used, and I've tried most. The fact that it does it simultaneously doesn't compromise the result at all.
Here's a few pictures.....Take your pick.

—Steve K. , Portland, CT, Hunter 36
2 The new HullKote Speed Polish gave the Star team the extra edge it needed to slip paste the competition and win the 2008 Melges 32 national Championship!

—Harry Melges , Star
3 We have used Hullkote all over our Melges 24 and it is superb, I have also used it on the J80 and J105 and the reports have been extraordinary.

We used it on the metal stanchions and hull prior to cross country trucking, and upon arrival into Key West we were amazed to only have to hose down the boat and it was ready to go! No bugs, no diesel stains, no more road grime... it appears that nothing would stick to the Hullkoted surfaces, even after 3,000 miles of driving! "
Hullkote was fast and easy to apply, and and we only used about half of the amount of polish that we normally would with other polishes.

Thanks so much for this GREAT Hullkote protective polish

—John W., Latis Yachting , Melges 24,J80,J105
4 I applied Hullkote last weekend on my Capri 22. It sure was easy. A lot easier than regular marine wax. Actually, it was so easy, it was fun. The boat looks great!

The weekend before, I applied new vinyl graphics to the hull. They were kind of tacky feeling before I applied Hullkote. After applying Hullkote, they are as slippery as the rest of the hull.

I waxed the cockpit and cabin with my old 3M wax and what a difference in application. I used to think that the 3M was really easy to apply until I used the Hullkote.

Thanks again, and I have received several great comments on how good the boat looks.

—Jeff M. , Gull Lake, MI, Capri 22
5 McLube has done it again. Hullkote Speed Polish is amazing.

It's easier and faster to apply than any other polish, it's eco-friendly and completely safe to use, and best of all it's a very fast coating and keeps the hull sparkling clean (and fast) for the entire week-long championship.

—Chris Larson, multi-class world champion, and former J/24 World Champion
6 Hullkote, what a product! I have used a variety of other car and boat waxes on my 30 year old Ericson 27 over the years but never has a product been applied so easily and resulted in such an immediate high gloss finish with only one application. I will never go back to a paste wax again.

—Mark K. , Annapolis, MD, Ericson 27
7 I did start using Hullkote on the Awlgrip, which is more than 5 yrs old and showing its age. Hullkote actually turned out to be a very good cleaner, removing subborn black and dark blue streaks and marks on the topsides that resisted every other cleaner I tried. Hullkote left a wonderful glossy finish.

—Alan S. , Newport, RI, Wooden S Class Yacht
8 We have never used anything that does what it says on the tin quite as well as Hullkote!!!

It is absolutely fantastic at its job and great value for money. So far it has helped us win the Scottish IRC championships and our biggest big boat regatta, Scottish Series.

We will be using it from now on, no question

—Dane R. , King 40
9 Yesterday the boat was cleaner than ever before!

Hullkote works like a charm, the boat was much easier to move through the water and after polishing, the water droplets slid right off the hull when I rinsed it off. Seems very fast now.

—Dave H. , Midwest, Opti
10 Thanks to McLube OneDrop, our blocks and onboard systems run better than any other country, and thanks to Hullkote Speed Polish our blades slip through the water with minimal disturbance!

—Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving, 2008 Womens Olympic 470 World Champions , 470
11 Just wanted to give you some anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of the Hull Coat.

We put one coat on before the boat went in the container to Europe and one coat on before the boat went in the water for a week in Medeblik and the boat came out clean, which is more that I can say for the Germans (pic attached). The Islmere is notorious for having funny little black growths on the bottom and we did not have that problem with Hull Coat.

—Brad N. , Etchells

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