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Hullkote and PUMA Mar Mostro in VOR

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Following 6,500 Brutal Miles Over 23 Days: Hullkote Proves Fast and Exceptionally Durable

Jonathan McKee, Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist, Multi-class World Champion, PUMA Racing Team Crewmember
Il Mostro

After Leg # 1 of the VOR, we received the following feedback from Ken Read's PUMA Racing Team: "Hullkote Speed Polish continues to impress me. We've tested it on everything from High Performance One-designs to our PUMA VOR. Hullkote was very quick and easy to apply to our entire PUMA hull and spars prior to the start of Leg #1 of the VOR. Amazingly, the Hullkote polish was still in place both above and below the waterline when we inspected the hull following a brutal 6,500 miles over 23 days of hard sailing. The hull is in beautiful condition, completely clean without any sign of slime, grime or any growth at all, and our underbody graphics still look perfect! All of this with speed and protection with Hullkote... no bottom paint, or other specialty coatings. Hullkote has proven very fast, extremely durable, looks great, and is eco-friendly. What more could you ask for in a Speed Polish?

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Hullkote Exceeds Expectations

Steve K. - Portland, CT
Hunter 36

"This is a very rare occurrence where my expectations were significantly exceeded beyond the product claims. It actually does do what it says on the bottle, plus more!

It's the best cleaner and the best polish I've ever used, and I've tried most. The fact that it does it simultaneously doesn't compromise the result at all.
Here's a few pictures.....Take your pick."

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Relies on McLube Products

Jeff Ecklund
Melges 32 "Star"

"We place a high value on practice and preparation in our program. We rely upon Hullkote for coating all hull surfaces, OneDrop for keeping our rudder bearings and traveler car running smoothly, and Sailkote for everything that slides."

Star's recent results using McLube products:
2005 Boat of the Week, Acura Key West Race Week (PHRF)
2006 1st National Championships
2007 2nd Miami Grand Prix
2nd National Championships
2008 1st National Championships
1st Acura Key West Race Week
2009 Boat of the Week, Acura Key West Race Week (One-Design)

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Don’t Trust Anything Else!

Zach Railey, Olympic Silver Medalist
Finn Class

"Speed creates results, and I trust the bottom of my boat with the best Hullkote on the planet.

McLube Hullkote is what I put on my Finn to propel me as fast as possible around the course. I would trust no other product on the market."

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Thanks Mclube!

Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving, 2008 Womens Olympic 470 World Champions

"Thanks to McLube OneDrop, our blocks and onboard systems run better than any other country, and thanks to Hullkote Speed Polish our blades slip through the water with minimal disturbance!"

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So Easy To Use It's Fun!

Jeff M. - Gull Lake, MI
Capri 22

"I applied Hullkote last weekend on my Capri 22. It sure was easy. A lot easier than regular marine wax. Actually, it was so easy, it was fun. The boat looks great!

The weekend before, I applied new vinyl graphics to the hull. They were kind of tacky feeling before I applied Hullkote. After applying Hullkote, they are as slippery as the rest of the hull.

I waxed the cockpit and cabin with my old 3M wax and what a difference in application. I used to think that the 3M was really easy to apply until I used the Hullkote.

Thanks again, and I have received several great comments on how good the boat looks."

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Hullkote Is a Great Value

Dane R.
King 40

"We have never used anything that does what it says on the tin quite as well as Hullkote!!!

It is absolutely fantastic at its job and great value for money. So far it has helped us win the Scottish IRC championships and our biggest big boat regatta, Scottish Series.

We will be using it from now on, no question."

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What a Difference!

Andrew Campbell/Brad Nichol, Members of the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and 2008 Olympic Representative

"On our Star Boat, we always apply Sailkote directly into the mast track and boom track of our spars...then onto the bolt ropes on the luff and foot of the mainsail.

We also apply it inside the jib zipper along the luff so it runs smoothly up and down the forestay on the downwind runs without bunching up.

What a difference!"

picture: bacon_after_skp.jpg

Good As New!

Jeff Andersen, Sailmaking Supply Systems

"Here we have an example of a before and after look at a normal sail that came in with a mildew problem, and after we cleaned it with our Vacu Wash system it looked as good as new. This sail is a perfect candidate for our Mclube Sailkote PLUS professional application as a coating of Sailkote PLUS will protect any such sail for a minimum of 6 years, even under the worst of conditions."

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Works on Cars Too!

Balboa Island Happy Hullkote User, Tom M.

"As you can see, the Hullkote finish on my 2009 Honda CRV, is an amazing, glass-like shine and it even worked well on the plastic trim!

In the rain, the water simply beads up, and leaves this finish as beautiful as it looks today. I LOVE finding great products, both for my boat as well as my car.

Oh, and in regards to your application "tips", perfect. I used a microfiber applicator (damp), but not wet, and very little product, you were right on the money when you said a small amount goes a long (very long) way

Easy on, easy off. I did the entire car within 30 minutes! The best part is that dirt, fingerprints, and road grime doesn’t stick, and the car remains in super-clean condition!"

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Hullkote Is Amazing!

Chris Larson, multi-class world champion

"McLube has done it again. Hullkote Speed Polish is amazing.

It's easier and faster to apply than any other polish, it's eco-friendly and completely safe to use, and best of all it's a very fast coating and keeps the hull sparkling clean (and fast) for the entire week-long championship."

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The pros know that Hullkote proves fastest

Curt Oetking, Pro Racing Boat Manager, Pro Sailor and Winner of VOR Race, Multi-class World and National Champion

In 2008 Terry Hutchinson drove Quantum Racing’s TP52 to dominant wins at the Med Cup as well as the TP52 World Championship.

In 2009 Marvin Beckman drove his Etchells to a convincing win at the Etchells North American Championship.

"Whether prepping the TP52 for Terry or the Etchells for Marvin, Hullkote is my choice for winning results. There's no question Hullkote is a very fast coating, but I like it because it’s eco-friendly, safe and easy for my guys to apply, and best of all it greatly reduces the often grimy ring around the waterline you tend to get in marinas around the globe."

picture: yachtietot_hk.jpg

Smooth as New Traveler Car Bearings!

Spirit 37

"By the way used your one drop product and it is fantastic...the traveler car bearings ran as smoothly as if the were new!!"

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A Must for Finn Class

Brian Boyd
Finn Class

"I use McLube SailKote on every boat I sail, but especially on the Finn.

The Finn is a tough boat to sail, so I want everything I adjust
to be easy. Luff track, traveler, mast base, blocks, anything that all gets McLubed."

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Makes It Work Like New!

Aedgard K. - Hawaii

"After cleaning the 17 year old Hood furling gear with alcohol, I applied some drops of the stuff [OneDrop]. In order to get it into the bottom bearings, I used a syringe with a fine needle, as you can see in the picture. It immediately started to spin like it was new.

I then applied quite a bit of strain on it with a halyard, and though it had been seizing up previously, it was now turning fine. It has now been up for several weeks, in some pretty big rainstorms here in Hawaii too, and it still seems to run great."

picture: gulari_med_credit_meredith_block.jpg

World Champions Use Mclube!

Bora Gulari, 2009 International Moth Class World Champion

"With all of the linkages on the Moth, friction is the enemy! Slowly sapping performance from the boat - McLube SailKote and One Drop used in the right places will always keep my boat flying high.

picture: george_1.jpg

Integral Part of Race Preparation

George B.

Just a note to let you know how much we like your product. McLube has become a routine part of our race preparation.

It makes all the moving parts function smoothly and efficiently. This is great for increasing confidence and positive expectation.

Even around the house now I frequently go get the can out of the boat trailer to attend to squeaky hinges, sticky tools and stuff.

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Only McLube Will Do

John W, Latis Yachting

"As a professional yacht logistics and rigging company, Latis is committed to providing the best services for our clients.

We use and recommend ONLY Team McLube products to all of our clients to ensure their success at all the top premiere events."

picture: pt_larson_9.jpg

Chris Larson + McLube = wins!

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"McLube Hullkote on the hull, and McLube Sailkote PLUS on the spinnakers is the winning combo in the Melges 24 class.

We seemed to have very good speed in all conditions both upwind and downwind."

picture: ole_Nick_Hollis.jpg

Sail Hoists Like a Dream!

Andy Ash-Vie, Coupe de lEntente Cordiale, French Nationals, Cowes Classic Week
International 6 Metre

"We used to struggle with the massive spinnakers on our International 6Metre dragging them around a huge genoa. So we had our new kite coated with McLube&rquot;s Sail Kote.

What a difference!

The kite hoisted and dropped like a dream. Slick mark roundings certainly helped us win 4 out 5 regattas this year."

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After Exhaustive Testing, PUMA Chooses Hullkote

Jonathan McKee, Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist, Multi-class World Champion, PUMA Racing Team Crewmember
Il Mostro

"We've carefully tested and evaluated all reasonable options over the past few months, from anti-fouling bottom paints and specialty speed coatings to nano-products. Following this exhaustive testing our decision was an easy one. We'll be racing around the entire globe with McLube Hullkote Speed Polish on our hull and appendages. As sailors we are confident that Hullkote is simply the fastest finish, it seals all surfaces and is very durable. Our shore team likes that it is safe and easy to apply. Our sponsor likes the look of the high-gloss shine and UV protection for our wrap-around hull graphics. I think we all appreciate that the citrus-base is so eco-friendly."

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Saves Time!

John W, Latis Yachting

"After a hard week of salt water racing all the traveler cars that we treated with OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner sounded like new - no crunching, squeaking or screeching - they were completely smooth and silent running.

Best of all, they cleaned up with no effort. The treated surfaces were able to be desalted in one quick fresh water rinse and our pack up is now a lot quicker."

picture: checkmate_sailing.jpg

Fast on the Water!

Fred, Shields Sailor

"My Shields has been doing well this season with the Hullkote...some of its speed is due to this new topside coating."

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Chris Larson uses Hullkote

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"With Hullkote...we seemed just as fast on Day #6 as we did on Day #1 of the worlds thanks to Hullkote.

I’m not sure all of my competitors can make that claim.

We were impressed when we hauled the boat after being in the water for 7 days, it was just as clean and fast as the moment she hit the water on Day 1."

picture: Il_Mostro_angleview_sm2.jpg

Il Mostro

The 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race will be the 10th running of this ocean marathon. Starting from Alicante in Spain on October 4, 2008, it will for the first time, take in ports in Asia. Spanning some 39,000 nautical miles, stopping at around 11 ports and taking nine months to complete, the Volvo Ocean Race is the world's premier yacht race for professional racing crews.

picture: KBayMoth.jpg

Reduce friction=fly sooner and faster!

US Moth Class Sailors

"2009 was the first time an American had won the International (Foiling) Moth Worlds. We trained hard together, we shared all of our knowledge and resources, and we all used McLube Hullkote Speed Polish on our hulls and foils."

picture: mx4.jpg

Can’t Sail Without It!

dmckesson, MX-Ray Sailor

"Here are some pix from the Leukemia Cup Regatta - it was a wild ride and earned me the nickname of ‘Mad Maxx’!!

Let me state once again what a great product y’all make(Sailkote). I use it on everything that slides or rolls...I cannot imagine sailing without it!"

picture: pt_larson_9.jpg

Chris Larson: Sailkote makes the difference!

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"McLube SailKote worked great on our mainsail battens.

We sprayed both the battens and batten pockets in order to help them pop through on each and every tack and jybe.

There is a difference."

picture: silver_fox_5.jpg

We rely on Hullkote for speed and shine

Craig Symonette, Peter Vlasov, and Mark Covell (Olympic Silver Medalists)
Silver Fox, 5.5 Meter

"We rely on Hullkote to clean, polish and protect our silver hull. The Silver Fox is a very special 5.5 Meter. She was designed and built for speed, and with great care and attention to detail. We are able to maintain her speed and good looks by applying Hullkote before every major championship...and it only takes 10 minutes for 2 of us to completely polish her with Hullkote!"

picture: yachtietot_hk.jpg

Like A New Hull!!

Spirit 37

I just wanted to let you know that we used Hullkote on the Spirit 37 during the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta in Cowes recently and have to say that this is an excellent product. It was so easy to apply and within an hour it looked like a completely new hull!

We got some great comments from other crews at the regatta and a few asked if we had Strega painted recently. In addition, the hydrophobic nature was evident as we washed down the top sides after racing, water droplets just ran from the hull.

We also achieved some great success on the water:

* 1st in the Modern Division in the Round the Island Race
* 2nd overall in the Spirit Division
* 3rd overall in the Modern Division

picture: hullkote_prod_shot.jpg

Never Use Another Product Again!

Mark - Annapolis, MD
1978 Ericson 27 "Evening Tide"

"Hullkote, what a product!

I have used a variety of other car and boat waxes on my 30 year old Ericson 27 over the years but never has a product been applied so easily and resulted in such an immediate high gloss finish with only one application.

I will never go back to a paste wax again."

picture: melges24_spithill_credit_dunigan.jpg

We Sailkoted our spinnakers and what a difference!

James Spithill, America’s Cup Helm and World Champion
Melges 24

"We won the 2005 Melges 24 Worlds because we trained hard, sailed well, and we were very prepared.

One of the advantages we and our training partner, Dave Ullman, enjoyed was that we had all of our racing spinnakers Sailkoted with McLube so they would not absorb any water, would set and gybe much smoother and easier, and fly much lighter even in the wet conditions. Needless to say, I was quite impressed with the results."

picture: tw_1.jpg

Use It Anywhere!

Kevin W.

"This is a picture from the 2007 Pinata Regatta in Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico. My wife laughs at me when I go around the boat the morning of race day with my can of SailKote.

I put it all over the Hobie-18 and on also on our big boat when we race that (a S2 7.9 monohull) further south in the Sea of Cortez.

I love your stuff...and even use it on my guns....hence the second photo."

picture: finn_credit_luther_carpenter.jpg

Hullkote Boots Confidence

Brian Boyd
Finn Class

"McLube Hullkote is my boat polish of choice on the Finn World Cup circuit.

It’s fast and easy to apply, so I don’t waste time and energy on boat prep before a long regatta.

Having a fast bottom is great for my confidence on the race course."

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Makes Cross-country Treks a Breeze

John W, Latis Yachting
Melges 24. J80, J105

"We have used Hullkote all over our Melges 24 and it is superb. I have also used it on the J80 and J105 and the reports have been extraordinary.

We used it on the metal stanchions and hull prior to cross country trucking, and upon arrival into Key West we were amazed to only have to hose down the boat and it was ready to go! No bugs, no diesel stains, no more road grime... it appears that nothing would stick to the Hullkoted surfaces, even after 3,000 miles of driving!

Hullkote was fast and easy to apply, and and we only used about half of the amount of polish that we normally would with other polishes."

picture: hamlin_credit_christophe_favreau_9.jpg

Swift Skiff Sailors Love Hullkote

Howie Hamlin, World Champion in the 505 class, I-14s, and Aussie 18’ Skiffs
I-14s, and Aussie 18’ Skiffs

"I don’t want to have to worry about the bottom finish before a big championship, and thanks to Hullkote Speed Polish now I don&rsquo have to worry at all. Hullkote goes on quickly and easily, looks great, protects my hull from UV and does an excellent job of keeping the harbor goo from sticking to the hull!"

picture: 49_storck_moore_credit_freid_elliott_1.jpg

Top US 49er Sailors Depend on McLube

Erik Storck/Trevor Moore, Olympic 49er class-US Sailing Team Alphagraphics

"We use McLube Hullkote on the hull and foils, Sailkote everywhere sails touch the rig and boat, and One Drop in the jib track and other controls.

We could not sail to our potential without each of these products.

The main would not go up the mast, the spinnaker would not come into the sock, and the centerboard and rudder would not go through their trunks.

It gives us confidence and peace of mind."

picture: latis_4.jpg

Continues to Impress

John W, Latis Yachting

"At Key West Race Week we treated one of our British J-80s with HullKote Speed Polish.

At the end of racing we pulled the boat out of the water and there was no growth at all on the bottom.

The impressive thing is that the boat was in the water for 8 days and never had a bottom cleaning.

Hullkote continues to impress me and my staff every time we apply it to a hull."

picture: puma_hull_graphics_2.jpg

Fast, Easy, Durable!

Ken Read, PUMA VOR skipper and multi-class World Champion
Il Mostro

"Hullkote Speed Polish was not only a very fast, easy to apply polish, but it proved to be a surprisingly durable finish and we were very pleased with the performance of this product all the way around the globe."

picture: pt_larson_9.jpg

Chris Larson uses SailkotePlus

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"Wet, misty and cool conditions seemed to further increase the added advantage of Sailkoting our spinnakers.

The Sailkote PLUS made for faster sets, much smoother gybes, and we always knew we had the lightest possible spinnaker flying in those conditions due to greatly reduced water absorption, thanks to the ultra-hydrophobic nature of the Sailkote PLUS coating on our spinnakers."

picture: ac_bn_od_walter_cooper.jpg

Improves Performance and Longevity

Andrew Campbell/Brad Nichol, Members of the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and 2008 Olympic Representative

"OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner works like magic on the vang track and jib tracks on our Olympic Class Star Boat!

The curved, high-load vang car and track on our Star Boat takes some heavy abuse during the course of a regatta.

A regular maintenance application of OneDrop makes a tremendous difference in the performance as well as longevity of the systems."

picture: Il_Mostro_horiz.jpg

Il Mostro

Ken Read's PUMA VOR Team likes that it applies so quickly and easily and looks so good, especially considering that they have beautiful underbody graphics to show off. Ken's shore crew commented that they were very impressed with the excellent condition of the underwater hull surfaces following 10 days in the water for the recent Newport-Bermuda race. In addition they performed their own in-house testing of a "worst case scenario" for an underwater hull surface coating. They hung a painted carbon panel tied to a shallow water dock in warm salt water. After 21 days, there was only minimal marine growth adhered to the Hullkoted surface, and amazingly it all wiped clean with one swipe with a soft cloth! Not only is this a very fast coating, but one that is very easy to clean up after a prolonged "worst case scenario" test. You won't see any bottom paint on this VOR Racer! They're convinced that Hullkote is the fastest finish they've ever tested.

picture: latis_3.jpg

Works on Land Too!

John W, Latis Yachting

"Latis also treats its entire fleet of trucks with HullKote Speed Polish and even after a 3,000 mile long trip, the bugs just wipe right off. This stuff is great!"

picture: checkmate_finish.jpg

Like New Again!

Fred, Shields Sailor

"Today I found out how great the new One Drop is.

I had three turning blocks that were sticking. Two days ago I tried cleaning them with just water and no luck. Then I applied One Drop and went back to the boat today with the intention of replacing them.

WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE - they worked like new was entirely due to this great new product."

picture: pt_larson_6.jpg

Chris Larson: OneDrop reduces friction!

Chris Larson, 2009 Melges 24 World Champion
Melges 24

"McLube OneDrop ball bearing conditioner worked miracles with our highly loaded traveler car and roller furling swivels.

OneDrop stays attached to the ball bearings and dramatically reduces the friction."

picture: ac_bn_1_walter_cooper.jpg

Competitive Advantage

Andrew Campbell/Brad Nichol, Members of the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and 2008 Olympic Representative

"We always use Hullkote on our Olympic Class Star Boat hull.

Our racing hull preparation is simple: We apply two coats of Hullkote at the beginning of the season, and then once again before it goes in just before the mandatory splash hour before a big regatta.

At the recent Star Class World Champsionship in Sweden, we had zero growth on our hull following seven days in the water. Some of our competitors' boats had major issues.

What we had on the hull from the marina over-night was easily wiped off with a cloth rag, and did not need any scrubbing during the regatta. This saved us a lot of unnecessary time in cold water.

I think if you total the hours diving on the bottoms over the course of the circuit, we're definitely at an advantage."

picture: kotoun_1_2660.jpg

Sailkoting our spinnaker is boathandling gold!

Anthony Kotoun, Olympian and multi-class national champion

"Coating our Olympic 49er spinnaker with McLube Sailkote is simply boathandling gold. By Sailkoting our kite we can hoist sooner and faster, gybe smoother easier, and take down later all thanks to McLube Sailkote.

The advantage Sailkoting our spinnaker gives us is undeniable. We don't have the resources to have new sails all the time, so when one of our kites gets a little tired we spray a light coating of Sailkote on it, and it brings it back to life again. The Sailkote definitely helps to protect the resin in the sail cloth, and greatly minimized wear and tear...literally."

picture: mx4.jpg

Flies Through the Water!

dmckesson, MX-Ray Sailor

"Hullkote makes the boat fly through the water! Almost cheating, don’t ya know!"

picture: lc_hk_1.jpg

The Ultimate Advantage

Coach Luther Carpenter, US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and Olympic Sailing Coach of the Year

"Team McLube Hullkote Speed Polish - The ultimate advantage. Hullkote is so fast you don't even have to hike. *made especially for the over 40 crowd."

"I used that green Hullkote Speed Polish a few weekends ago at our toughest Vanguard 15 event of the year, and I really liked it. It must be great stuff, because we both are finding it harder and harder to hike, but still managed to whip those youngsters in a breezy regatta. That could be your new ad..."

picture: delft_challenge.jpg

Extends Hardware Life!

Team Delft Challenge
Farr 30

At Team Delft Challenge we use McLube OneDrop on all ball-bearing parts of our Farr30, and we're very impressed by the results. Because of the abuse and lack of fresh-water hosedowns we can give them during the Tour de France a la Voile, our blocks and rails start sounding rough very quickly.

Two drops of onedrop per side (one for the little ones) makes all the metallic noises disappear and returns the humming sound you only hear when the block is brand-new. We were all very surprised by how much a good block can run better.. In addition, we hardly find any ball-bearings breaking and escaping anymore, extending our hardware-life for months!

picture: dragon_wordls_team_jerboa.jpg

Huge Advantage!!!

Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, runner up 2008 Dragon Gold Cup and winner of the Nations Cup

"I'm very impressed with the Sailkote PLUS application sprayed on our racing spinnakers by Dolphin Sails in the UK.

I've been racing Dragons for decades and as soon as the freshly Sailkoted spinnaker was being hoisted for the first time, I realized the value in doing this.

The kite is now SO slippery, that it slides right out of the launcher tube, even when it is wet!

Amazingly, even when it goes up wet, the water drops literally run right off the sail and the sail is immediately dry and light once again.

It's also a huge advantage when it's time to drop the spinnaker back into the tube. We only have to pull about 50% as hard to pull the spinnaker down now, and this greatly reduced friction also seems to eliminate mishaps at the leeward mark takedowns as well. Thank you Dolphin Sails, and thank you McLube!"

Pittman Innovation Award to Antifoul Speed Polish



US Sailing Team

Team McLube
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