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PUMA's Mar Mostro Teams with McLube in Volvo Ocean Race

Mar Mostro on first leg of VOR
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One of the most demanding team sports around, the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) is the world's premier yacht race for professional racing crews. Mar Mostro, the Sea Monster, is home to the PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG crew for the 2011-12, 11th running of this ocean marathon.

First impressed with the boat's speed after applying HullKote Speed Polish, the Puma crew then discovered that the coating restricts marine growth so well and cleans so easily that they wouldn't need bottom paint. Now, HullKote and SailKote are being used in combination to ease the raising and lowering of the high-load daggerboards found on America's Cup catamarans and VOR boats.

Sticky Daggerboards and The Proven McLube Solution

Hullkoting daggerboards
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At the pinnacle of our sport, we have recently seen the evolution of the rise of the ultra-efficient high-load daggerboard. From America's Cup to VOR Racers, we're now seeing the trickle-down effects of this new design technology and it's not without some sticking points along the way. Here is the preferred Sticky Daggerboard McLube Solution, based on direct testing and feedback from Team New Zealand, Oracle, PUMA and many others, in addition to our own in-house testing (preferably applied at least once every 7-10 days of extreme sailing, or every 200-300 significant board adjustments).

  1. Coat entire underwater surface, and any areas of point of contact with any other bearing surface of daggerboards, with a base coat of Hullkote Speed Polish using the damp cloth application method. View Application Details.
  2. Apply (either spray on or wipe on) McLube Sailkote to any and all contact point surface areas (on both/all surfaces of points of contact if possible), and please be sure to apply Sailkote while surfaces are clean and dry (right over the top of Hullkote is fine for underwater surface areas of daggerboards). For best performance from a durability/longevity standpoint, and to minimize friction as well, we recommend 3 very light coats of Sailkote (note: light coat as defined by each coat drying to touch within 20 seconds—if it takes longer than that to dry to touch, then you may be coating too heavily and thus detracting from performance/durability of the coating).

Q: Why Don't The VO 70s Use Bottom Paint?
A: Hullkote Speed Polish

Hullkote protects underbody graphics
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Ken Read's PUMA VOR Team likes that Hullkote applies so quickly and easily and looks so good, especially considering that they have beautiful underbody graphics to show off. Ken's shore crew commented that they were very impressed with the excellent condition of the underwater hull surfaces following 10 days in the water for the recent Newport-Bermuda race.

In addition they performed their own in-house testing of a "worst case scenario" for an underwater hull surface coating. They hung a painted carbon panel tied to a shallow water dock in warm salt water. After 21 days, only minimal marine growth adhered to the Hullkoted surface, and amazingly it all wiped clean with one swipe with a soft cloth!

Not only is this a very fast coating, but one that is very easy to clean up after a prolonged "worst case scenario" test. You won't see any bottom paint on this VOR Racer! They're convinced that Hullkote is the fastest finish they've ever tested.

Follow the Action in the Volvo Ocean Race

Mar Mostro races downwind
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Often called the "Everest of Sailing", the Volvo Ocean Race is a nine-month competition with 11-man teams sailing almost 40,000 nautical miles. The journey takes them through the most treacherous waters on the planet and is a battle of skill, endurance, equipment and determination. All teams compete in Volvo Open 70 boats and are limited to one mainsail, two headsails, three spinnakers and one staysail.

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