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Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish: Field-Testing Testimonials

This product has been tested heavily in a variety of competitive classes since early 2011.

Ryan Nelson, West Marine Rigging,
Calls Antifoul Alternative "The Bomb!"

"We just tried the new McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish. That stuff is the bomb! It took two of us just twenty minutes to apply it on the bottom of our J-24. The hull was previously wet sanded to 1200 and looked ok, after just the one coat of antifoul polish it was like a mirror! We dropped her in the water and raced that weekend, tied for FIRST in the J/Fest Regatta. Scheduling conflicts kept her in the water for four more days. When we pulled her out, we were impressed that there was absolutely no growth and the usual oily grime around the waterline rinsed right off with no scrubbing! We're all amazed by this new product, and I can't wait to use it more in the future! Thank you."

—Ryan Nelson, West Marine Rigging, Alameda, CA

US Sailing Coach Dave Hughes
Says Antifoul Polish "Worked Wonders"

"The Antifoul Polish worked wonders when we tried it. We quickly and easily hand-polished the VSR coach boat in just a few minutes, and then launched it for two weeks of Olympic class coaching at the Palma de Mallorca Regatta in Spain. We were impressed when we hauled the boat after spending 14 days in the Med and there was zero appreciable growth! The real shocker was when all the other coach boats came out of the water at the same time, looking more than a bit 'green' from slime and marine growth that had adhered to them... and appeared very difficult to clean. We are VERY happy with the new McLube Antifoul Polish!"

—Dave Hughes, US Olympic Sailing Coach 2012

"PS—Warning: The Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish coating is SO slippery, that you have to be careful that the boat does not slide off the trailer too fast when ramp launching. "

Olympic Sailors Want Antifoul Speed Polish
"...on Every Boat We Sail From Now On."

"The Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is fantastic! We recently applied it to our Star Olympic Class boat for the Sail For Gold Olympic Event, the Olympic Test Event in Weymouth, and the actual Olympic Games. More than a week in the water each time, and absolutely nothing on the bottom when we craned the boat out of the harbor at the end of 7-8 days of racing. Team McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is going on every boat we sail on from now on."

—Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih, 2-time Olympians and multi-class world champions

PUMA Ocean Racing's Tim Hacket Calls McLube Antifoul Alternative Polish "The Clear Choice."

"Over the months leading up to the start of the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR), we tested every serious antifoul product and speed polish we could get our hands on. McLube's Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish was the clear choice based on all of our testing. We applied the antifoul polish at every haul-out stopover, and I can report NO GROWTH—completely clean hull surfaces—following each leg. We are very pleased with the results of this new product."

—Tim Hacket, Shore Team Manager, PUMA Ocean Racing



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