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Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish: Application Guide

Olympic Sailors Want Antifoul Speed Polish
"...on Every Boat We Sail From Now On."

"The Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is fantastic! We recently applied it to our Star Olympic Class boat for the Sail For Gold Olympic Event, the Olympic Test Event in Weymouth, and the actual Olympic Games. More than a week in the water each time, and absolutely nothing on the bottom when we craned the boat out of the harbor at the end of 7-8 days of racing. Team McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is going on every boat we sail on from now on."

—Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih, 2-time Olympians and multi-class world champions

  • Shake bottle well
  • Apply small amount to a damp washcloth or small sponge and wipe onto hull in a circular motion. Only apply onto a small area at a time (1 square meter) and do not allow to dry on hull surface.
  • Immediately polish away any excess with a dry towel, soft cloth or micro-fiber cloth (do not allow product to dry; polish away excess immediately upon application - within 90 seconds). No wait time, and no crusty haze to remove. Just wipe on and immediately wipe away excess.
  • Move onto the next area of the hull. Itís that easy.

How the Pros Apply Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish

Watch Chris Hosking and Jane Stevenson apply it to a Melges 32

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